Spring Festival

 General goals of the activity

  • An opportunity to socialize and do things together with the families.
  • Get to know the families and the families gets to know each other.

 Description of the activity

The pedagogues invite the families to a spring festival where socialize in the preschool yard. The families are asked if they want to help the preschool with some of the activities during the gathering.

This is done during a meeting with the families 2 months before the spring festival.
Some organized activities are held in the preschool yard by the pedagogues and the families.. Example of activities that can be offered: barbeque, blow bubbles, throw balls in a bucket, quiz and fishpond.

The pedagogues and the children have created a song booklet to be used together with a troubadour.

Everyone engages in a singalong activity. The invitations were handed out to the families 3 weeks before the spring festival. The invitation asks families if and how many are attending and what they would like to eat and drink. The pedagogues share responsibilities to prepare the spring festival. All make sure that everything is prepared before the festival starts. When the families arrive at the festival they are given the booklet for the singalong.

During the festival the families and the pedagogues mingle and engage in the different activities.
In the end of the festival the children are offered a balloon.


(issues to be aware of when implementing the activity)
  • Festival preparation requires considerable effort from the pedagogue. The pedagogues need to see the meaning and the benefits with activities like this.
  • Get the parents to participate and have the interest to join activities like this.
  • Language barrier, some parents have difficulties to communicate and understand the language.

 Role of the teacher

  • Communication between the pedagogues is an important factor in the success of this activity.
  • Plan and prepare the activity.
  • Hand out the invitation.
  • Create a song booklet together with the children.
  • Explain to parents why we do activities like this and what role they can have during the activity.
  • Be present and supportive during the activity.

Role of the family

  • To participate.
  • If they want they can help to prepare the activity and bring something to the festival. It is up to the families how they want to contribute. For example some of the families have brought material and clothes and baked a cake from their home country and culture.

 Added value for the child and the family

We socialize, have fun together and get to know each other.

Materials to be used

  • Materials depend on the kind of activities that are offered during the festival. For example: bubbles, sing booklet, balls, buckets, quiz.
  • Material for the barbeque: different kinds of sausages, hot dog buns, ketchup, mustard. Different kinds of beverage like: coffee, tea, lemonade.

Guiding questions to reflect on the general improvement of the service

Evaluating the practice both with colleagues and families.

Questions for evaluation together with the families:

  • What went well?
  • What can be improved?

Questions for the teachers:

  • How do we get the parents more involved in the planning and implementation of the spring festival?
  • What kind of activities were successful for the children, the parents and the preschool?
  • How many families attended?
  • How did the families react to the activities?
  • Did the families interact with children and other families?
  • Were the different languages/cultures barriers?