Parents share their emotions about the first weeks in the baby-group

 General goals of the activity

The goals of this activity are to give parents the opportunity to share their emotions about the first weeks their baby stayed in the nursery school.

That way they understand that other parents have similar feelings and emotions and feel supported. During this exchange they also get to know more about the nursery school.

 Description of the activity

During the weeks before the “parent café”, movies are made of every baby in the group, showing the daily life in the nursery school. The parents are actively invited to come to the “parent café”, which is organized at the end of a day and starts at about 5 pm. Using keywords in different languages, each parent is asked to pick a keyword and tell the group why he or she felt personally connected to this word during the child’s first weeks in the nursery school.

This leads to an active exchange between the parents.  After this discussion, the film clips of every baby are shown and the parents can feel as a fly on the wall seeing how their baby is doing in the nursery school.

The “parent café” ends with a drink and a snack together with the children.


(issues to be aware of when implementing the activity)

It is very important for the teachers to be present in order to ensure that parents know how crucial their role in nursery school is, for both the parents and their babies.During the activity, it can be positive to organize “babysitting” for the babies, so the parents are really at ease to share their emotions.

For parents speaking only a foreign language it is important to invite an interpreter, being another parent, a coworker or someone else. Be aware that a film clip of every child has to be prepared. This activity can be organized for every age between 0 and 6 years, whenever children start in a new group.

 Role of the teacher

After having prepared the activity, one of the teachers should act as a facilitator, taking care of the process. The teacher has a background role.
At times he/she can add his/her own experiences with the baby. This supports the idea of co-educating the children.

Role of the family

In this activity parents are the actors. They open up, express their feelings and share them with other parents. Often those feelings are common. This makes parents feel understood and supported and improves interaction.

 Added value for the child and the family

Parents feel more involved in the daily life of the baby. They can see and better understand how a day in the nursery school really unfolds.
It gives a feeling of confidence and trust. This also influences the wellbeing of the baby.

Materials to be used

  • Invitation letter.
  • Keywords in different languages.
  • Film clips of every child in the group.
  • Babysitting.
  • Drinks and snacks.

Guiding questions to reflect on the general improvement of the service

  • In what way did the activity improve the participation of the parents?
  • To what extent did the activity improve our professional development as a team?
  • How did the activity affect the development of the relationship of trust with the parents?