Bank of hours

 General goals of the activity

Invite parents to spend time with their children and friends in the preschool setting,
in order to get to know each others.

  • Promote activities in the services where families are invited
    to participate.
  • Incorporate and respect the specific objectives, needs and cultural practices of the families. By mutual agreement modify routines in order to allow continuity between school and family settings.
  • Ensure each family’s right to be involved in the decision-making process concerning the services provided for their children’s development,  leaning and welfare.
  • Strengthen and enhance parenting practices, providing support and parental education when necessary.
  • Promote the involvement and dedication of parents and other family members in the care  and education of children.
  • Create opportunities for community members to get involved and participate in early childhood education center activities.
  • Recognize that the function of all the activities created through this practice is to foster the children’s wellbeing at school.

 Description of the activity

Parents are invited to organize a brief activity. The activity always depends on what parents want to do with children at school. It’s not a Board or a teacher’s decision.
Parents are entitled to choose and decide.
As such, they can simply pick a story, an interactive whiteboard activity, an Artactivity, or whatever they want to present to children at school.

During these days different teachers will be present at school.
Parents can sign up and suggest the activity they would like to carry out, according to the days their child’s teacher is at the school.


(issues to be aware of when implementing the activity)
  • The need to provide/promote moments that allow families to prepare/organize the activities.
  • Allow families to take the final decision on the organization of the activities.
  • Allow all children to have an active/participatory role alongside the parents and families.
  • The time of the activity may not be the most appropriate for the parents.

 Role of the teacher

  • Motivator.
  • Collaborator.
  • Constantly interact with all families.
  • Promote relationship opportunities between families.

Role of the family

Parents have the opportunity to meet and socialize/interact with their children’s friends. Constant integration and interaction between the family and the school.

 Added value for the child and the family

Gives parents the opportunity to get to know each other.

Provides parents with moments when they can guide/direct activities in their children’s school.

Families start to feel that they can have an important role in school life.

Materials to be used

  • Written information.
  • The spaces available in school: as the library, the video room or the garden.
  • Books.
  • Interactive
  • Whiteboard.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Drawing and painting materials.
  • Human resources.

Guiding questions to reflect on the general improvement of the service

  • Did the practice meet the needs from which it originated?
  • In what way did the activity improve the participation of the parents?
  • To what extent did the activity improve our professional development as a team?
  • How did the activity affect the development of the relationship of trust with the parents?